Star*Burst is the new generation of match-three puzzle gameplay, designed by the creator of KLAX. Star*Burst combines dazzling 3D graphics, animations and effects with classic puzzle heritage and new social features, in a fresh and fun game experience.

Game Play

Players must catch streams of brightly colored gems, as they flow down the conveyor deck before falling into the pit and being destroyed. Paddles will only hold five gems, so act quickly to match three or more gems on your rack and create Burst patterns to score! Bursts are formed by matching rows – horizontal, vertical, or diagonal – of the same color.


  • Flip gems, bombs and timers strategically to form Bursts of three or more
  • Create combos and special patterns to earn bonus points, Fantasy Cards and rewards
  • Pick up and play with easy-to-learn, intuitive touch control
  • Master your skills in 100 levels of addicting gameplay
  • Connect with Facebook to share your Fantasy Treats with friends
  • Play with the game’s original music or listen to your own iTunes library

Hardware Info

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