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Set sometime between Episode III and Episode IV of the famed Star Wars saga, The Force Unleashed puts you in the role of Darth Vader's hidden apprentice. Vader uses you to do his bidding by adventuring out to destroy the Jedi holdouts that were not struck down during the immediate execution of Order 66, but along the way this young apprentice is faced with choices that could have unspeakable effects on the future struggles of the force.

Jan 01, 12 5:54am
Proxy is dead StarWarsTheForceUnleashed X360
Dec 31, 11 4:44am
Cut all ties with the Empire StarWarsTheForceUnleashed X360
nasty nappa
Aug 02, 11 2:20am
a very great starwars spin off game StarWarsTheForceUnleashed X360
Jul 27, 11 1:18pm
This is a very fun game, but I do wish that the checkpoints would be more frequent. StarWarsTheForceUnleashed X360
Jul 12, 11 3:02am
A mediocre game that is totally carried by its story- 7/10 StarWarsTheForceUnleashed X360
MrVideoGames and 2 others own Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Oct 16, 10 6:02pm
cant wait till they make the second one StarWarsTheForceUnleashed
Sep 27, 10 2:59am
the best star wars game since KOTOR 9/10 StarWarsTheForceUnleashed
Golden Inferno and 1 others played Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Jun 11, 10 1:17pm
Very good,even on ps2 version! StarWarsTheForceUnleashed
May 02, 10 2:19pm
Pretty awesome 7.5/10 StarWarsTheForceUnleashed
need for speed guy12
Apr 24, 10 3:49am
have free version awsome game StarWarsTheForceUnleashed
Feb 03, 10 2:20am
a great game StarWarsTheForceUnleashed
Dec 14, 09 5:06pm
Score: 80 Fun to play, REALLY fun. StarWarsTheForceUnleashed
Sep 19, 09 1:10am
A great game for the PSP platform. Though unfortunately not as good as the console versions of the newer generation, this is still... StarWarsTheForceUnleashed
RabidChinaGirl blogged
Sep 04, 09 2:01am

In Taiwan, I do all my Internet'ing on my netbook. This thing is ultra convenient when you're on the go, especially at conventions; but for everyday use, I really miss my desktop at home. Luckily, mi madre and I have successfully been added to a flight on Saturday, September 5, having been on the waiting list for a week. Because of China Airlines' 50th anniversary event, we managed to redeem our mileage points and get free tickets. That meant we were lower on the priority list for last minute flight changes.

A typhoon should be hitting Taiwan over the weekend, so I think we'll avoid that by a day or so. I'm expecting a lot of turbulence as we leave the island. But getting home on Labor Day weekend means we'll get to settle in a bit before work starts. Otherwise, we would've returned on September 8, and that's no fun.

The disconnect between myself and this country continues to grow. I become more Westernized, and this small island nation retains so many traditional values, while being hit hard with globalization and Western exposure but not known what to do with all that. Sociology is messy!

And for whatever reason -- economy on life support, Hurricane Morakot ("diamond" in Thai) decimating the south -- things have just changed. Aside from my bacterial infection, which the kind doctor attributed to my exhaustion, the food overall no longer satisfies me. Guess the next I come back, I'm going to have to find new places to eat. Really though, that's another problem in Asia, not just Taiwan; it's rare these days to find a favorite joint and be able to visit it year after year... after year. Things just change so quickly, and I honestly hate that.

The Internet and having it with us everywhere we go doesn't help the situation. Life happens faster and faster, and when I'm out, my own friends or just other people I see will often be glued to their phones, now called mobile devices because of their multi-capabilities. And that's really the better situation; more often than not, people will distract themselves with email, texting, Twitter, and so on... all on their goddamn phones. While out with friends. In real life. Having dinner. You know, doing stuff with people in person.

"Sorry, I have to check this." No, no you *bleep*ing don't. Just three *bleep*ing years ago, you very likely didn't. And what about five or eight years ago? Hell, what happened to the 90s? Were you frickin' dying without your mobile device then? I think not, you pathetic twats. But then everyone expects you to be available all the time now because of these devices and mobile Internet. Seriously, this world is going way too damn fast; it'll catch on fire soon enough, fly off its axis and go hurling into the sun.

I'll be chillin' at home with the AC up and my Xbox 360 powered on. When I get back, I'm going to tear through Arkham Asylum, since its reached my doorstep and made it into our home. Amazon recently had a sweet deal on Force Unleashed because the new Sith edition is coming out; they've been clearing inventory. With shipping, the game cost me a little under $15 -- not a bad deal. Army of Two will be a co-op experience with my college buddy, so I'll be able to juggle that with either single player game.

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Aug 25, 09 5:54pm
Shallow but good fun, when will we see the back of QTEs?! StarWarsTheForceUnleashed
Jul 13, 09 2:54pm
the game play is kind of slow and hard to understand StarWarsTheForceUnleashed
Jul 01, 09 9:00am
Even shorter than the Wii game, a huge disappointment of the DS control system. StarWarsTheForceUnleashed
Jul 01, 09 9:00am
Far too short, loved the game but the story needed to be a lot bigger. StarWarsTheForceUnleashed