: : : : SpongeBob JellyFish Jam


You can practice your skills with three exciting and funny music games at the SpongeBob Jellyfish Jam! Show SpongeBob and his friends how good you are in drumming on clams, playing music with burgers or burst the bubbles to the beat!

Game Play


- Three mini-games in one application
- Plunge into the world of Bikini Bottom and struggle yourself through several games!
- Become the Bikini Bottom Rockstar
- Familiar characters and animations
- Explore SpongeBob´s Bikini Bottom
- Practice your musical skills
- Collect your scores and post it on facebook
- Save your creations and share it with your friends
- Rock the Krusty Krab!
- Play on the clam in the rhythm of the music!
- Burst the bubbles underwater!

Hardware Info

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