Love sudoku? You’ll love Shinydoku! Have fun playing sudoku on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Game Play


• Designed especially for the iPhone and iPod touch. Large text and buttons and a simple interface makes it easy to play sudoku on the go.

• Touch to select, and swipe to “nudge”. Touching a cell selects it. But, not quite the cell you want? Simply swipe your finger across the touch screen to move the selection in the same direction.

• Two marking modes. Pencil mode allows you to record possible numbers in a cell, and pen mode sets your answer. Don’t worry, you can easily change your answer by simply selecting another number.

• An option to automatically update empty cells with pencil markings.

• Unlimited undo history.

• Five levels of difficulty.

• An option to show logic errors which highlights duplicate numbers that violate the sudoku rules.

• Fun, symmetric puzzles. Real life loves symmetry, and sudoku does too. Symmetric puzzles are more fun to solve than a purely random puzzle.

• Over 70,000 puzzles. Always have a new puzzle to solve. Each puzzle has only a single solution and is solvable exclusively with logic. No guessing required!

• Have your own puzzle to play? Enter your own custom sudoku puzzles.

Hardware Info

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