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Plunge into this unique turn-based strategy game set in a futurist world. Take command of unbelievable battles in Solo and Multiplayer modes! The colonial ship Nimah returns to Earth after 30 years of refining space travel technology only to discover their planet has been colonized by machines. Commander Geoffrey Parker now engages in a war to liberate Earth


  • A BREATHTAKING STORY MODE: Discover the story through numerous cutscenes. Complete 19 campaign missions to defeat the machines and take back Earth!
  • GET READY FOR ENDLESS FUN! Quick Play mode features 34 maps: 19 from Story mode and 15 new ones, all playable with 2 different armies and 3 difficulty levels.
  • MULTIPLAYER MODE: Face your friend’s army via local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection (online multiplayer via Wi-Fi coming soon in the next update).
  • REALISTIC ENVIRONMENTS AND ANIMATIONS: Sci-fi visuals and 3D backgrounds provide maximum immersion in the game.
  • OPTIMIZED GAMEPLAY: Touch the screen to select your units, zoom-in or rotate the game field.
  • A LIVELY SOUNDTRACK for a unique feeling of intensity: Epic themes, shouting soldiers and mechanical sound effects give life to your army!

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