Continuing from where Myst left off, Riven involves the Player (you) solving puzzles in a fantasy-style world to try and discover the mysteries behind the inhabitants. Can YOU find the mystery behind the people of Riven?

Game Play


* First-Person view adds realism to the game.
* High-quality images, audio, and animation.
* High interactivity has you using sight and sound to solve puzzles.

Hardware Info

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Developer and publisher Cyan Worlds has licensed the rights to produce a feature film based on the coveted Myst... posted Oct 04, 10 5:32pm

Aug 25, 09 6:14pm
Another great, you can fill whole notebooks with tips. RivenTheSequelToMyst PC
Mar 13, 09 9:57am
9.7/10 RivenTheSequelToMyst PC