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In the desert mountains of west america in the early 19th century, an isolated town deep in the mountains not far from the town, a million years of the formation of the crystal mined crystal produced bright color, solid as a rock, and the town on the residents for generations lived a quiet life living by mining ...
Until one day, the town will come up a jeweler, he mined at a low price to buy the whole thing, and let the town's residents to move out of their homes …
Mayor Wilson did not accede to his request, the jeweler hired the gang J.G, ready to forcibly occupied mined, Wilson lead and J.G launched a massive homes Battle ...

Game Play

Game in which players can select a protagonist in the store, pick the right weapons to resist the enemy wave after wave of attack players through to shoot the enemy get to the gold, can be used to purchase a different role, as well as to upgrade weapons and buy the game props, allowing the player to face a powerful enemy even easier.


6 different game map
5 different styles of role
11 kinds of dangerous enemies
15 kinds of powerful weapons

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