Can you climb to the top in the ‘ad-free’ version of Quiz Climber™ a new quiz game for iPhone and iPod Touch?

Do you know more about films and music than your friends? Does your mum know more about the planets than you? Is sport your specialist subject? Are you the brainiac who always wins quizzes?

Now Quiz Climber™ lets you compete against your friends and family in the ultimate social challenge to prove who really is the biggest know-it-all.

Leap past your friends as you jump up the Quiz Climber™ tree – for each question you get right you move up a branch. The only catch is the further you progress the harder the questions get!

Don’t let your Quizzel™ down, if you get a question wrong, use a lifeline to continue your turn.

What you’ll love about Quiz Climber™:
• Play with your friends, beat their scores and see them on your private tree.
• Thousands of questions covering all subjects including sport, music, film, science, entertainment, nature, the world, TV, people, the arts, history, literature and general knowledge.
• Seamless updates mean new questions are added every two weeks without the need to update your game.
• Earn lifelines as you play – get a ‘second chance’ when you most need it.
• Compete each week to beat your friends before the scores reset.
• Beautiful graphics and gameplay designed by Relentless, the BAFTA winning developers of Buzz!

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