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Plants Vs. Zombies is an action packed zombie blasting game! With the help of your plants, you must defend your home from the brain eating zombies! You'll have many different plants to help you from the Sun-power making Suflower, to the basic Pea Shooter!

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Plants vs. Zombies originally came out back in 2009, and ever since has been on pretty much every gaming platform... posted May 31, 13 4:46pm

Really, really, really, REALLY addicting. Its freaking fantastic also PlantsVsZombies PC
Dear PvZ, stop being so bloody addictive, kthx. PlantsVsZombies PC
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Very addicting, but it's not for everyone... PlantsVsZombies PC

When EA wants its bases covered, it's pretty clear by this point that the mega-publisher won't hold back any... posted Jul 12, 11 1:58pm

Tree of wisdom now 10,000 ft tall! Does anyone play this game anymore? PlantsVsZombies PC