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Product Wiki Description: Pizza Vs. Skeletons is an epic, ridiculous, 2D platform game designed from the ground up for iOS. You control a 25-foot-tall pizza as it smashes through a horde of undead rivals on land, sea, and in outer space.

★ Crush fossilized ostriches ★ Rescue Schnauzer puppies ★ Stomp obnoxious cupids ★ Learn Karate ★ Sumo wrestle an alien ★ Ski with comrades ★ Demolish a haunted skyscraper ★ Eat fugu ★ Bounce on space marshmallows ★ Smash the great pyramids ★ Celebrate Dia de los Muertos ★ Grow a...
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Release Date (North America):Feb 16, 2012 submit new
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Perspective:Flat side view submit new
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