It's your first day as a Pet Trainer and you have a bright future ahead of you! There are so many pets out there for you to find, train, and care for – and at the end of the road lies a great tournament where Pet Trainers from all around come to show off their best and strongest pets.

Explore the world to discover new pets of all shapes and sizes, from the ferociously fierce to the cute and huggable. Then raise them until they are strong enough to compete against other trainers in Pets LIVE™!


  • Massively Multiplayer ONLINE Pets game!
  • Battle other trainers LIVE!
  • FREE updates with new quests, abilities, habitats, and more!
  • Begin with one of four types of pets -- Fire, Water, Air, and Earth -- and collect many others
  • Show off your pets with the best moves and attacks
  • Raise your pets by acquiring habitats
  • Bring friends in as trainers to make your team stronger
  • Use pets to perform numerous fun quests
  • Enjoy gorgeous graphics
  • Get real time updates
  • Help tackle powerful trainers using the discipline list
  • Comment on other trainers’ profiles
  • Broadcast messages to your fellow trainers

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