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Hottest battlefield from the makers of iSniper!

Same war against terrorism, same elite tactic unit, but a a lot more heats!

Operation iWolf is a new and exciting FPS arcade game for the Iphone. With a mix of classic gameplay and modern graphics it puts the player into a high voltage battlefield.

The year is 2011, and the word is in turmoil.

HEAVEN, an underground united terrorist group founded by unknown financial resources has launched a series of attacks all over the world. Their purpose is to control the world order through international terrorism.

PMC, Private Mercenary Corporations is an UN authorized network of private light armies and mercenary companies, hired by governments for emergency counter terrorist operations.

GATO, Global Anti-Terrorism Organization is jointly formed by nations and PMCs, dedicated to quickly respond to cross-nation terrorist threats and to eliminate the HEAVEN forces.

You, a former elite soldier in the US marine, and a new member of GATO Special Tactical Unit is now being assigned a secret operation.

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