Based on modern weapons and background, the game depicts realistic defence. On top of that, 20 missions with the story has been produced.

Game Play


-Building upgrade through the accumulation of exp points
-Variety of special skills (Erod, Web, Barrier, Coverfire, Overclocking, Repair)
-Turret upgrades and different researches through the labotry level up
-Able to control and shoot base command missile
-2nd upgrades for building are available after level 4 buildings
-More than 7 kinds of enemies' missile - Division, Guide, Speed, LaserResist, etc...
-Appearance of stage bosses for every 10 stages (satellite, helicopter)
-Combo system is applied when more than 2 missiles are destroyed at once
-Different strategies can be made utilizing the 10% interest rates
-Score checking for different modes
-Situational tutorials and help is supplied during the game

Hardware Info

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