Montopia is a beautiful land where man and monster once cohabitated, but recently, the serene utopia has been destroyed by a mysterious disaster. Your time has come to be the hero Montopia needs, as you embark on the adventure of a lifetime in this thrilling game of monsters and mystery and Monstapedias. Your task is to transform into a brave monster trainer and uncover the secrets held on the island through courageous battles using your monsters.

To excel in Montopia you must unlock monsters sealed in treasure chests, breed and battle monsters to help them evolve, and collect over 400 monsters to fill your Monstapedia, the sacred monster encyclopedia. With the help of Milly, your childhood friend, you can save the day and bring peace and harmony back to Montopia.

Game Play


  • Monster mash: Montopia challenges players to collect monsters as they progress through their journey to uncover the truth of the lost utopia of Montopia.
  • Collector craze: Players battle against other players to uncover the mysteries of Montopia as they increase their monster collection (or Monstapedia) to create the strongest team by fusing monsters together to improve their abilities.

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