This Tetromino game has the fast-paced, line-clearing features of individual gameplay, plus an innovative NETWORK game mode that pits players against each other in real-time competition.

Game Play


Single Player Game Modes:

STANDARD MODE- Keep up the pace as each Tetromino piece drops with increasing speed! Rest assured you can use your SLOW button to calm things down.

GLACIER MODE- Battle against the clock as garbage lines flood your board and test your MINO agility! Only the best can survive the onslaught! Hit the FREEZE button when you need a break.

Multi-Player Game Features:

Want to See How Good You Really Are?
For the first time on the mobile platform, engage other users in head-to-head Tetromino competition! Send lines of garbage to your opponent while clearing your own board! Hit STEALTH to hide your board and block the receipt of garbage. Rack up points to climb up the global HIGH SCORES chart!

Feeling Social?
JOIN A ROOM to play up to four other players and chat with thousands of other MINO fans. Want to see how the pros do it? Sit back and hit WATCH to view current games in progress.

Hardware Info

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8.0 / 10