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Run your own restaurant business!

You dreamed to open your own Japanese restaurant for a long time and make it the most attractive place in Japan or in your own city? An extremely interesting and fascinating Master Sushi game will help to make your dream real. The game attracts with its dynamic and realistic plot. It is very close to real life. In this game you are a Sushi maker. You have to cook different dishes and to make your own management decisions, you have to order food ingredients as well as employ staff to work in your restaurant. Master Sushi is full of different events, it offers a challenge to solve tasks on image enhancement of the restaurant, improvement of its interior and exterior design, development of customer service. Your decisions will affect the prestige of the restaurant as well as the financial result of the business.
The main advantages of the game:
- addicting and realistic plot
- excellent graphics and sound
- development of logical and analytical skills

Make your restaurant nice and attractive! And who knows… maybe this game will make a start of your own restaurant business!

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