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Now the staggering powers of Marvel's greatest Super Heroes are at your fingertips in Marvel KAPOW!

With the cyber-security of our planet under threat from Doctor Doom, Tony Stark has created a new defense platform that lets you wield the awesome powers of Marvel's top Super Heroes from your touch-based mobile gaming device.

Deflect attacks with Captain America's mighty shield, blast with Iron Man's gauntlet, slash with Wolverine's claws, capture with Spider-Man's web, smite with Thor's hammer and smash with The Hulk's fist as you vanquish an onslaught of Marvel's greatest Super Villains.


  • 27 classic play levels
  • 5 boss levels, arcade mode,
  • Game Center leader-board integration plus continuous support and free content updates.

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Jun 29, 12 5:36pm
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