Mancala FS5 is the best-of-breed Mancala game on the iPhone with multi-player support! Play this classic game in a way designed specifically for the iPhone.

Game Play


- Multi-player support over the Internet and play against your AIM Buddies!
- Multi-player Internet works over Wi-Fi, EDGE or 3G!
- Invite friends to play a game with Push Notifications!
- Type custom instant messages to your opponent when playing AIM and local network games!
- Play nearby games with Peer-to-Peer support over Bluetooth AND Wi-Fi.
- Leaderboards!
- Top 10 Highest Rated players using the same formula as World Chess Federation.
- Top 10 Most Active Players. See how you are ranked against everyone as well.
- Ratings for Nearby and Online games!
- Online games now have a timer for improved forfeit detection!

Hardware Info

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