Lexo - the fun, challenging and addictive word game for every occasion. Unscramble the mixed up letters to find the hidden word. 4 game modes and 3 difficulty levels make Lexo ideal - whether you want to warm up a sluggish brain or face a more serious challenge.

Game Play


  • Simple and naturalistic gameplay - just drag the letter tiles into order to find the hidden word
  • 4 different game modes: Endurance, Against The Clock, Time Trial and No Pressure
  • 4000 5-10 letter words manually reviewed and graded into 3 difficulty levels
  • 1500 Easy words, 1500 Medium words and 1000 Hard words
  • Spellings localised for UK, US, Canadian and Australian English
  • Tracks statistics for each game mode and how many words you’ve played and solved at each difficulty level
  • Brag about your achievements to your friends via email (Requires OS 3.0 or above)

Hardware Info

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