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The Ultimate Trading Card Game! With 1.5 million registered users in Japan, “Legend Cards” is one of the best and most epic Battle Card MMO games in the world.

☆.。.:* What is “Legend Cards”? ☆.。.:*

Players collect cards scattered in the world and use them together to create stronger cards by fusing or evovling them. Battle with rival players to claim ultimate Legendary Cards as proof of their dominance.

☆.。.:* High Quality Cards ☆.。.:*

A huge array of over 5,000 high quality cards for every user to enjoy, including

- Japanese anime style women
- Awesome robots with elaborate designs
- Dragons and other mythical creatures
- And much more!

☆.。.:* Special Events ☆.。.:*

In addition to normal game modes (Quest, Battle, Fusion, and Draw Card), “Legend Cards” holds a lot of limited time events, such as battle competition, single player questing, or team quest/battle events with new sets of cards. Rank high to earn rare cards and special limited time rewards.

☆.。.:* Friend List ☆.。.:*

Players can add up to 100 in-game friends. Use the in-game Game Code to invite your friends and earn bonuses for both players.

- Call for help and tackle quests and events together.
- Trade cards with friends and complete card collections faster
- Cooperate with friends and team up against strong boss enemies

☆.。.:* How many cards can you collect? ☆.。.:*

Legend Cards is powered by Mobage, the best, free, social game network!

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