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Experience the hit puzzle sensation anywhere… any time with KENKEN®: Train You Brain! for the iPhone and iPod touch. This officially licensed game features puzzles designed by the series’ originator ensuring each game is a brain straining puzzle of potentially epic proportions.

Featured in the The New York Times by famed puzzle master Will Shortz and published in more than 35 other periodicals across the United States, KENKEN takes the suduku gameplay formula and turns it on its head. In KENKEN players are required to fill in the correct numbers within a 3 x 3 to 6 x 6 sized grid. Now here’s wickedly fun part… within each grid are multiple cages. Each cage is assigned a numerical value and the numbers within the cage must equate to that numerical value.

While this might sound a bit confusing at first KENKEN: Train You Brain! makes it easy with an interactive Tutorial mode and an Academy mode the helps the player progress to KENKEN master in no time.

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