New kind of puzzle!
Creative, Beautiful and Social! Play the puzzle and see your dream garden grows!

Juicy Combo is a puzzle game allows you to grow different kind of lovely fruits! Apple trees, strawberries, grapes and more! Play the engaging puzzle while enjoying the beautiful and cheerful graphics! Design your unique garden, interact with other players and make new friends!

New! First puzzle game designed for iPhone 5, iPhone4/4s, iPad and iPad mini. If you have an iPhone 5, experience controlling with one hand and see more with the extended resolution!


★Creative and Artistic!
While you play the puzzle, the little garden will reflect the combos you created. Every time you play the big garden will improve continuously! Your garden is special and belongs to you!

★ Simple and Rich!
Easy to play for everyone. Room for deep gameplay for seasoned players!
Explore different strategies: going intuitive to match quick combos! Matching large number of fruits to launch big bangs! Arranging long chains to demonstrate your strategy! Chasing the sun to grow jumbo trees!

★Social and Have Fun!
Interact with other players, share your garden and make new friends!
When someone waters your garden or likes your shared garden in Facebook, you will receive water bonus which helps you to grow bigger trees! You can also make new friends, visit and water their gardens!

Let's play Juicy combo! It is a piece of art created by us, and a piece of art created by you as well! Enjoy creating something beautiful now, excitedly!

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