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Injustice: Gods Among Us in a new DC comics fighting game from developer Neatherrealm Studios. This fighter is showcased much like an MK fighter with two fighters facing off on a 2D plane with stages and backgrounds that are rendered in 3D. The game uses a four-button layout for attacking - light, medium, heavy and a character trait button. Each character has a special power that can be activated for a certain length of time or the character might have some other skill mapped to the character trait button such as a counter move. Each stage has interactable objects that fighters can interact with in some specific way based on their character type. Some characters have super strength so they can lift heavy objects while other characters might just vault off the same object.

The game has a campaign mode where players can view the main story cutscenes while fighting against CPU opponents and playing extra mini-games. The story follows an alternate universe plot where some of the DC characters are whisked away to another dimension where an evil Superman rules over the planet. Because of the plot, each character has two different versions. The online mode allows for Lobby battles, King of the Hill rooms and basic 1v1 player or ranked matches. There is a STAR Labs mode where players can play through 10 challenges per character in order to unlock extra content. Challenges have bonus objectives that give players up to a 3-star ranking per challenge.

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Anyone have the console version want to share an account to unlock features? We only have iOS. InjusticeGodsAmongUs iPhone
Great fighting game. 8.5/10 InjusticeGodsAmongUs PS3
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7.8 / 10