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A truly epic mobile odyssey! Play as Hercules and take revenge on the Gods – fight your way across ancient settings, battle mythical monsters, and unlock special rewards and powers. The myth and might of the gods arrives this new year to your iPhone!

The Goddess Hera has doomed the citizens of Greece by seeking revenge on Hercules, son of Zeus. Enter a mythical epic 3-D adventure as you command Hercules and fight to stop Hera’s vengeful plan! Fight your way through hours of challenging and gameplay – take the reigns of the Pegasus, upgrade your character, earn special rewards from the gods and more!

- Unique controls: use the touch-screen to control your hero and perform god-like attacks
- Battle your way through 16 levels that take you from the streets of Athens, through deadly deserts, the underworld and more.
- Unlock new weapons and strength the more you play or purchase the Weapons pack and wreak misery on your foes.

- Battle classic mythological beasts and monsters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses
- Fight, climb, and fly the Pegasus to victory

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