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If you like rock music and have the sense of rhythm, your road to stardom starts here! Guitarist or drummer, choose your path: travel from Berlin to Tokyo and fire up the most famous concert stages with your band. Touch the screen to the beat of your favorite songs and don't miss a note or you'll hear it! I Love Rock 'N Roll, Call Me, Paranoid, and more: play 18 of the most famous rock hits and download additional songs if you don't have enough. If you think you're the best, play against a friend in Multiplayer Mode to prove it! Rock music needs its new legend: take up the challenge.


  • New explosive track list including 18 world famous rock hits: I Love Rock ’N Roll, Call Me and more!
  • Download additional packs of songs to extend your pleasure and play with your favorites.
  • Choose your instrument: guitar or drums. Don't miss a note or you and your audience will hear it!
  • Challenge a friend in Multiplayer Mode: be the best guitarist or drummer!
    Put your band under the spotlight in Career Mode and set off on tour to 10 mythic locations.
  • Enjoy the improved full 3D animation and graphics, providing the most immersive musical experience.

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