A creature-based card game that features a fully unique battle system in which players take on the role of "tamers" who capture, raise, and control powerful beasts known as "Guardians." In addition to quests to unlock the secret of why the Guardians have woken after a millennium of slumber, other features include a coliseum system that allows players to challenge other tamers from around the world in head-to-head combat.


Capture and train over 180 different Guardians
-unlock the secret of why the divine beasts of antiquity have woken after a millennium of slumber, and battle other players from around the world in an online coliseum!

Create the most powerful Guardian army you can
-Use combination enhancements to increase one Guardian's level by sacrificing another, or magic stone enhancements to increase the power of a Guardian's abilities!

Fight for grand rewards in an online coliseum
-Enter weekly player-versus-player battle events where you can choose between three to five opponents near the same rank to challenge and face off against. In addition to receiving rewards such as magic stones, your rank may rise depending on the amount of victory points you win. Further rewards, such as golden cards and magic skill stones, will be given out after each event ends.

Enjoy co-op play with friends!
-Increase the number of friends you play with to unlock features such as once-per-day mock battles, or the ability to gift an extra rare slime when you catch one in the wild!

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Dimion blogged
Sep 15, 13 3:27pm

Hey any new or returning players!

(This is for iOS players)


Use this code (FR33701) when you start playing the game. As you complete the tutorial, we'll both get invitational cards. As a bonus, I'll also gift you some 4* cards to get a head start. On top of that, I'll help answer any questions you might have.

Feel free to PM me here or add me as a friend in game (Dimion).

Invitation: 1x 4* card + additional 4*s (Pm me here or in-game).
Comeback gift: 10 SHT, 20 recovery potions and 5 Gold slimes.

Thanks in advance! GuardianCross iPhone
Sep 05, 13 4:54pm
Android Code: JF92500 GuardianCross iPhone
Jun 09, 13 3:54pm
use code AG81364 !!! I need some good cards! #GuardianCross #iPhone GuardianCross iPhone
Jun 03, 13 8:18am
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Jun 03, 13 8:16am
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May 31, 13 9:34pm
Quitting GC : S> Elite S+ deck ( complete top tier deck ), email me GuardianCross iPhone
May 09, 13 3:15am
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May 06, 13 9:19pm
Buying 5 Star Max Lvl cards, call/text me 93239111 GuardianCross iPhone
Apr 08, 13 6:30pm
i'm selling all the cards.(Ace reborn / ALM Reborn) Except FSemp. can PM me about the price. GuardianCross iPhone
Apr 08, 13 6:26pm
i'm selling all the cards. GuardianCross iPhone
Mar 05, 13 5:36am
Trading lv 1 cool kali for other 5* anyone? add niclim81 on guardian cross and leave a message/comment if you are interested. GuardianCross iPhone
Jan 29, 13 5:32am
Good GuardianCross iPhone
Dec 11, 12 12:41am
i am selling my baha,mephis,apsara,titan,atlas(ace,maxed level,heavy stoned)almighty ifrit fast,mighty aps,S$140 for 92355791 GuardianCross iPhone
Dec 05, 12 11:31pm
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Dec 05, 12 11:29pm
I Have level III stones WHO want tradisi Witherspoon cards GuardianCross iPhone
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Oct 19, 12 4:38pm
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