Golf Score Pad is a easy to use score keeping application for Golf games.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT THE ACTUAL GOLF GAME BUT A SCORE KEEPING APP. *************************************************************


*Replace your paper and pencil with Golf Score Pad.
*Easy to use user interface.
*Create as many rounds as you wish.
*Create a new round by copying from a previous round. This copies all the players and par values for the course.
*Computes totals instantly as strokes are entered.
*Can be used for mini-golf as well as regular golf.
*No limit on the number of players.
*System keeps track of the current scoring hole.The current scoring hole is marked in red and helps with ensuring proper entry of strokes if the user accidentally navigated away to a different hole.
*Robust features to prevent accidental score entries.
*Locking feature to lock a round and prevent any further changes to the round.
*Easy entry of strokes and par values requiring a single click most of the time.
*Delete players and rounds as needed.
*Easy navigation between holes.
*Score Card View to look at all the players' scores for all the holes including totals in one screen.
*Email the score card.

If you like some enhancements or have issues/questions please send us an email.


*Create a new round or copy an existing round.
*Add players.
*Add par values to the holes.
*Enter the scores.
*Once round is completed email the score card.


After entering the scores and before putting the iphone in your pocket, please make sure you switch to the score card view or lock the round. This will prevent accidental score entries.

Before starting to enter scores, please make sure the hole number is in red to prevent accidental entries in case you navigated away to a different hole.


Images and other art work from the following developers has been used.We thank these developers for letting us use their work.

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