Jack embarked on a journey in the W-Hale automated Starship. It got too close to a black hole, and was struck by an electromagnetic shock wave that made the entire crew and ship itself go crazy!

Jack is the only robot unaffected by this and he is also the only one that can save the ship that is slowly floating inside the black hole. Jack will need to avoid many insidious traps and dangers to get to the end to save the ship from being destroyed!


-Slide & Jump / Platformer
-Unique and cool visual style.
-Awesome tricks system with more than 30 unique animations
-Extreme run and jump gameplay!
-30 unique levels!
-Various types of traps with player interaction
-Character garage with attributes customization, adapt the character to your play style -and to the levels
-Random trap generation after you’ve beaten the game, for endless replay value!
-18+ music loops by Uncle Pipe band!

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