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Galaxy Impact 2: Ignite is the 2nd generation of the popular brick game Galaxy Impact. It comes with more wonderful graphics, more stages, more power ups and many other new features. Fresh and exciting experience!

Game Play


  • A NEW, PROVACTIVE UNIVERSE! The graphics and sound effects are totally new from the original Galaxy Impact. Galaxy Impact 2: Ignite is now more artful and stunning with its new appearance. Not to mention it now has 30 elaborately designed, challenging stages!
  • IGNITE! Dynamite bricks and lightning bricks are presented. These bricks will destroy other bricks around them when exploding. Use them effectively!
  • FOUR POWER-UPS! Item brick will randomly affect the status of the ball with one of the four power-ups: Boost, Freeze, Phase Shift and Invisible. These power-ups last only for a short period of time, but could change the dynamics of the game.
  • SEED OF LIFE! Some bricks contain a seed of life, which can give you an extra life. Catch them immediately!
  • COUNTINUE ANYTIME! Your progress will be saved automatically when every stage starts. Anytime you quit game, you can easily continue with the same stage next time. But the auto-save will be erased when game is over or cleared.
  • GLOBAL RANKING! You can record your name & score, and access your global ranking. Compete against the best of the world now!
  • NEW DIMENSION! You can move the pad up and down, left and right, from anywhere on the screen, taking full advantage of the touchable screen of iPhone.
  • COMBO IMPACTS! Each successful combo impact will double its original score. See how powerful you can reach with this exponential thrust!

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