Captain Cork has sabotaged the world's vending machines!

There is only one hope now…. Mr. Pop!

Can you help him save the world's drink supply?!

Frenzy Pop is a frantic platforming game created by Al4red Studios, the creators of Fowl Ops. on the iOS. You have to complete the levels as quickly as possible whilst avoiding hazardous obstacles and battling against Captain Cork and his evil side kick along the way!


-- 45 levels including 15 Hard mode levels across 3 unique worlds
-- Boss battles
-- Hand drawn artwork fully supporting retina display graphics
-- Run, jump, double jump, roll and pop power your way through the challenging levels!
-- Gamecenter leaderboards
-- And a special bonus level featuring CheeseMan!

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Sack boy
Aug 20, 11 12:14am
I Want This Game Alot FrenzyPop iPhone
Sack boy
Aug 20, 11 12:07am
Coolest Of Them All FrenzyPop iPhone
Sack boy
Aug 20, 11 12:03am
The Coolest Of Them All FrenzyPop iPhone
Jul 08, 11 7:46pm
pretty GOOD. SECOND FAV GAME I HAVE FrenzyPop iPhone
Dec 15, 10 8:18am
cool! FrenzyPop iPhone
nasty nappa
Aug 12, 10 8:33am
a gigantic leap in to 3d for the gta games lots of things to do and places to go FrenzyPop iPhone
May 08, 10 12:37pm
dislike 2.6/5 FrenzyPop iPhone
Feb 21, 10 6:53pm
i honestly didnt like it. too boring too crappy FrenzyPop iPhone
Feb 08, 10 4:06pm
ok FrenzyPop iPhone
Jan 31, 10 11:07am
the first good gta game FrenzyPop iPhone
Jan 27, 10 8:57pm
all the GTA games changed for the good and the worse when this came out! The first third person, 3D game, with the best graphics of its... FrenzyPop iPhone
Oct 18, 09 3:58am
Brilliant. This game changed the way of gaming. A historical game. FrenzyPop iPhone
Aug 09, 09 3:00pm
8/10 FrenzyPop iPhone
Jul 24, 09 9:19pm
awsum FrenzyPop iPhone
Jun 18, 09 9:45pm
The godfather of all crime management games looks STUNNING! FrenzyPop iPhone
Jun 15, 09 7:23pm
Good old fashioned anarchy... FrenzyPop iPhone
Celes Leonhart
Jun 12, 09 4:56am
One of a kind, for its time anyway. FrenzyPop iPhone
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