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Blessed by the elemental crystals, the kingdoms of Tycoon, Walse, and Karnak have grown prosperous, their peoples content. But one day, the wind begins to falter and slow. Worried about the wind crystal, the king of Tycoon goes to pay it a visit—and mysteriously disappears. Soon, the previously peaceful countryside is plagued with evil beasts. During these uncertain times, four strangers band together to find the truth behind what happened, and find themselves entwined in a plot much deeper and older than they had ever imagined. Their adventure will take them over land, sea, air, and beyond to protect the crystals—and the world—from a darkness that threatens all of existence.


Choose from one of the available 25 job classes to assist your characters both in and out of battle. From the strength craving Knight, to the powerful wielder of magic, the Black Mage - selecting the right classes to balance out your party is crucial to progressing within the storyline. Travel is done on foot, by Chocobo, by air, by ship and even by submarine. There are no limits to where you can go - the world is your oyster. Use the Ability Battle Points (ABP) gained in battle to strengthen and master each individual job class to unlock more tantalizing abilities that will accomodate a less trechorous journey. With the Active Time Battle System (ATB), take advantage of the wait time provided when looking through menus to select the right item or spell for the job and enjoy the fast paced action instigated once an action is selected.


  • Every aspect from graphics to gameplay has been reworked and enhanced, providing satisfying challenges for gamers old and new
  • A comprehensive job system allows players to customize characters to their own play styles, an element that has since become a standard feature of the series
  • The huge world has diverse forms of transportation—ride chocobos, ships, dragons, and more
  • The convenience of portability

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We all knew it was coming. Final Fantasy V is confirmed for iOS and Android devices, at least in Japan. Given... posted Mar 20, 13 4:37pm

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