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Final Fantasy IV Advance is a GBA remake of the SNES JRPG originally released as Final Fantasy II in North America during 1991. The game features all the characters, story and setting from the classic game alongside enhanced graphics and a new quicksave feature.

This is the first Final Fantasy game that introduced the famous ATB (active-time battle) system: during the battles, you have a time indicator for each party member that tells you when this character is able to act. If it takes you too long to select a command for this character, the enemy will act without waiting for your turn. The game abandons the job system that was implemented in the first and the third game in favor of pre-set character classes (paladin, white mage, ninja, etc.) assigned to each party member.


  • Enhanced graphics from the original SNES version.
  • Study monsters you've defeated with the bestiary.
  • Quicksave feature allows you to temporarily save your game at any time.

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