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Challenging, the fastest racing, and wonderfully visual, Extreme Formula is an entertaining mobile adaptation of an online game which is the futuristic race competition. There has never been a better time to buy The Extreme Formula or “Gift This App” to a Friend. It’s the futuristic racing game y’all been waiting for on iPhone & iPad even iPod touch!

**This game is only available for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4G, iPad, and iPod Touch 3G, 4G.**
(Please do not install this game if you do not have these, because it won't be able to work on other generations of iPhone and iPod.)

#Customize your futuristic ride and race your way to the checkered flag in Extreme Formula (At GameTrailers.com)
Adapt your race skills and tune your vehicles. Take your choice and then take it to the limit. Get better with each race and move up through difficulty levels.

With 4 different game modes, Challenge friends in the worldwide multiplayer! Beat other drivers or beat the clock in the world. Take on Career, Time Attack, and Multiplayer modes. You can also take the test your skills in Quick Race mode.

– Play Extreme Formula on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch 3, or iPod Touch 4 for a single low price

– Includes high-resolution graphics that fully utilize the Retina display on the iPhone 4.

**View Achievements and leaderboards in the Game Center app (on IOS4.1 Devices). Compare achievement and time-trial results with your buddies and rivals with Game Center. Please visit our facebook page to share your ideas and to get more info.

#Game Feature#
-Many modes of Gameplay: Matchplay(GameCenter), Quick Race, Career, and Time Attack
-Online Multiplayer via Game Center
-10 cars in 4 Classes by energy sources and 22 unique tracks you couldn’t imagine.
-Online league play and leaderboards
-Simple accessible controls utilize the iPhone and iPad.
-Recruit your buddies into your team to make you invincible in races
-And much, much more

-Please make your nickname on Game Center by English Characters, because we do support only the Nickname by English characters on Game Center.
-This game is an online game, so you have to be online (be it iPhone or iPad) in order by play this game.

##what’s newly updated (Version 1.1)##
-More experience points(exp) from Pro-Race and Match-Play mode.
-Reduced the condition to unlock the Pro-Race EF5.
-Updated the controlling systems to make easy to drive.
-Addition of the controlling option; ‘Touch button’.
-Removed the penalty of the collision about Hyper-booster gauge
-Optimize the camera of the view
-Changed the image and the name of the cubes. It was named “Orb”
-Changed the position and the amount of orbs
-Extension of the range of all tracks.
-Improved the Match Play System to make easier to connect.
-Changed the Never-Break-Down mode to the Extreme Mode.
-Level down of the map quests: Thunderbolt, BurnOut, TakeCube, and DangerZone.
-Changed the home UI (User interface).

##Coming Soon##
We will update for the next version in order to let user can play the game without the connection on Wi-Fi and 3G (online). It was scheduled by February as soon as possible.

We really appreciate your attentions and advices. We are looking forward to continuing updating to meet our users requirement.

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