Drop The Chicken is a fun filled, addictive and challenging puzzle game. If you like games that are super tricky and really make you think then you are going to love this one!

"... probably my favorite puzzle game... It's a great pick-up-and-play kind of game, and it's earned it's spot on my home screen..."

"Drop The Chicken provides a large number of levels, spread across 4 different themes, automatically bringing in value for money...I’m pretty impressed at the level of quality in Sharp Creative Agency’s maiden game on iOS devices..." NINE OVER TEN

"After playing Drop the Chicken for a few minutes, I can definitely see another game of the avian variety within the top 5..." APPTA.CO

"...Now don’t go thinking this game is just another knockoff or clone, it most certainly is not... Drop The Chicken is more about a predetermined strategy in setting up the pieces of each level..." APP DISCOVER

"...Drop the Chicken is most likely going to be the next big game to hit the Apple App Store. The game has beautiful graphics and a great engine which makes it pretty addicting..." GAMEVEIN

"...Bound To Be A Classic... Oozing with charm, awesome graphics and fun game play this game is destined to be one of the classics... Amazing value for money with many levels. Well crafted game with highly polished presentation..." HEATH & HEATHER

✔ 64 awesome levels over 4 worlds
✔ Bonus levels and hidden easter eggs
✔ Heaps more levels in production and regular updates
✔ Universal: iPhone & iPad cross compatible
✔ Great for all ages, easy to learn but hard to master
✔ Unique free ‘Certificate of Achievement’
✔ Very addictive, brain training game play
✔ Full community on Facebook and Twitter
✔ Battery performance controls

In each level you plan your journey to the nest to collect all the bugs along the way. Drag a variety of tools into place and then click the switch and watch the chicken bounce, slide and float around the levels.

Use balloons, fans, conveyors, mouse holes, elastic bands and springs in your effort to get all the bugs! Think before you drop and be sure to avoid the bombs, saws and other obstacles. There is no time limit, just awesome puzzles and hours of entertainment!

Finish all the levels in a world to open the bonus levels where our hero has the chance to have a feeding frenzy and gain some valuable points.

2 stars per level will get you through the whole game, only a true master will get all 3 stars. The more stars you can get the more levels will open for you.

Finish the first 4 stages, The Chicken Coop, The Farm House, The Old Barn and The Windmill and receive a free 'Certificate of Achievement' with your name and score. Take the unique code given at the end of the game to to print your certificate.

Also check out the FREE version, 'Drop The Chicken - Training' with 16 unique levels not found in the main game and guides to help you get the hang of the game play.

• DTC has hit the ‘Top Ten Games Overall' in 47 countries and the ‘Top Five Puzzle Games' in 64 countries. Thanks to everyone for your support.
• Help us name our chicken! Go online to to place your vote.
• YouTube Trailer. Check it out at
• New stages in production including 'The Factory' and 'The Well' with new underwater tools.
• Game Center and Achievements coming soon.
• Ability to play iTunes music easily in the background coming soon.

We hope you enjoy the game!!!

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