Who will be the next Dragon King? CLAIM, LEVEL UP, EVOLVE hundreds of dragon cards!
Engage in head-to-head COMBAT and take place in WORLDWIDE TOURNAMENTS!!

Set foot into the fantastic realm of the majestic and mighty Dragon King; a dragon lord who has, in his old age, been attacked ruthlessly by creatures of the shadow seeking dragon blood. In order to buy time so as to seek a worthy heir to his rule, he used the last of his power to create an immense rift in the very fabric of space and time, creating a world that repeats itself every THIRTEEN days.


- COLLECT Dragon cards
- LEVEL UP and EVOLVE your cards to the MAX
- BUILD powerful decks worthy of a CHAMPION
- TEAM UP or BATTLE with friends WORLDWIDE
- Beautiful and rich cinematics and animation
- Constant FREE updates: New quests, cards, etc.


You are one of the hopefuls seeking to gain favor in the eyes of the Dragon King. Your mission is to search across the land for dragons and other creatures to aid you in battle against evil. Collect powerful Dragon Cards from quests and infuse them with others to strengthen or even evolve them to superior forms. If you can complete the quest to find all THIRTEEN pieces of the Dragon King’s legendary treasure, you will be well on your way to catching his eye and becoming the next Dragon King!

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