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In a world of squares, somebody needs to think outside the box...

A high-fantasy adventure with a twist, "D.O.T." is set in Texel, an 8-bit universe in dire need of a champion. In this exciting new RPG from Mobage, the player is transported through a mobile game into a world that has no concept of death or war--and is being torn apart by sinister robotic invaders. Only your skills as a commander can save the three tribes of Texel, and open the portal back to your own reality.

Experience a unique world that brings together 2D and 3D visuals—"D.O.T. Defender of Texel!"

★ Unique 8-bit retro graphics that combine pixel and block art with dazzling effects
★ Dozen of starter characters that can be fused,metamorphosing in appearance and ability
★ Power-ups through character and gear customization
★ An epic mashup of robots and dragons set in a distant universe!
★Choose battle formations with a unique swipe action!

The defense of Texel begins now!

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