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Welcome to Dark Area 2.

This is the second chapter of a 3d first person shooter for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
Your goal is to reconquest the EPS-71 planet.
A fleet of aliens reminds in installations.
They believe this planet is theirs, and they want revenge.

Exterminate the aliens and their leaders to clean the buildings.

- Discover five big levels to clean.
- Collect keys to access different sectors.
- Easy controls with auto lock weapon system.
- Indoor and outdoor environments.
- Different alien classes to fight.
- Advanced graphics powered by Antiryad Gx 3D game engine.

Required configuration: iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with OS 3.2 (or higher).
Note that medium and high quality graphic options may not run on first and second generations of iPhone and iPod Touch (3G and lower).

This game was developed by Arkham Development (http://www.arkham-devlopment.com/).
You can also visit the official Dark Area 2 web homepage and access forums.

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