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The shooting game hit has arrived! This stunning 3D iPhone game adapts elements from both the critically-acclaimed PlayStation Portable and arcade editions of DARIUSBURST, adding silky smooth touch screen controls and a host of exclusive new features. Climb aboard your sleek Silverhawk fighter and defend your home planet Darius against monstrous fishlike invaders!

The DARIUS series made shooting game history with its unique atmosphere and sound design, and now the latest installment, DARIUSBURST, is available for smartphones/iPhones!

DARIUSBURST Second Prologue: a new battle awaits!

Game Play

Based on the critically acclaimed handheld console game DARIUSBURST, this smartphone edition boasts intuitive, responsive controls optimized especially for touchscreens.


Featuring fully optimized controls and added content!

This edition also includes a variety of smartphone/iPhone-exclusive bonuses, including SP Mode (a "remixed" version of the game with new enemy patterns and revised boss battles), the Assault ship from the arcade DARIUSBURST, and new music by ZUNTATA!

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