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Crystal Mine is a classic digging game and involves levels for solving puzzles and collecting a set number of gemstones after which an exit door opens.

Game Play

The levels are filled with dirt which can be tunneled through simply by moving through it. This creates empty space. Emerald and diamonds can be collected by moving into them. Diamonds are with 3x as emeralds. Rocks and gems can rest on dirt, walls (only indestructible and magic walls), or other rocks and gems, but once these are removed, they will fall down. This is sometimes useful, as you can drop things on top of monsters (butterflies and fireflies) roaming the levels. Some destroyed monsters drop gems necessary to achieve the necessary number to complete the level. Or they may drop other pieces, such as explosives or keys to help you solve the puzzles. Yamyam dash all over the place. Amoeba can be dangerous, annoying, and unpredictable, but also occasionally useful for several reasons. There are dozens of creatures to interact with.


Hardware Info

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