Oh no, there's Cow Trouble! Farmer Diddle's Cows got stuck in the clouds, and now the Superstars can't get milk. It's up to you, with an arsenal of Balls, to bop, thump, thwack, tip, and tumble those Cows back down to the ground -- where they belong.

(4.5/5 Editor's Choice

- Bop, tip, and tumble the Cows out of the clouds with your arsenal of Balls. Save the day!
- Yes, it's true: Each Ball at your disposal has a unique and incredible super power!
- 50 stages to test your Cow tipping prowess; can you win the Gold Medal on every single stage?
- Every stage is infinitely re-playable, offering a uniquely surprising and wacky experience every single time.
- Awesome, sharp graphics displayed on both Retina Display and older devices.
- High five! Let's tip some Cows!

*New features coming soon*
- Game Center and achievements.
- New Stages.
- More improvements and polish.
- What else do you want? Make your "moo" heard: Visit and "contact" us!

*What others are saying about Cow Trouble*
- says: 4.5/5 Editor's Choice "This charming physics-based puzzler boasts a delightful style and sense of humor, and is a must-download for iDevice owners..."
- says: "Cow Trouble is nothing short of a brilliant combination of simple game types that's udderly addictive."
- says: "...for the gamer who enjoys the strategy and grace involved in the fine art of cow tipping..."
- says: "I've been playing a little too much Cow Trouble the last few days, and having plenty of fun with it. Who would have guessed that knocking cows out of the clouds with bowling balls would be so entertaining?"
- says: "...knocking all those cows down, whether through a masterfully thrown ball or pure luck, is very satisfying."
- says: iOS Game of the Week "The hilarious animation that appeared the first time I knocked down a cow actually made me lol — an impressive feat."

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