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Cooking Mama, an innovative hit series, allows players to enjoy the experience of food preparation through a variety of activities simulating chopping ingredients, frying, boiling, etc. Cooking Mama includes both favorite recipes from past console installments as well as a variety of dishes completely new to the series. The game has been enhanced to make the most of the iPhone's multi-touch screen accelerometer, bringing players an even more realistic cooking experience.
A pretty good, original game. Anyone who says it's for little girls has got a screwed up mind and no life. CookingMama iPhone
I like cooking, but I LOVE this game! CookingMama iPhone
I just love this game! It's so great and fun! CookingMama iPhone
brickwall81 and 2 others played Cooking Mama
brickwall81 and 2 others own Cooking Mama
I lost this game for like half the time I was in 6th grade CookingMama DS
This is my first paid app CookingMama DS
Playing this game makes me a little hungry... CookingMama DS
This game is really fun in the beginnig but after almost completing all of the recipes its not as fun. CookingMama DS
On the iPhone I have the Lite version so I can't move forward. CookingMama iPhone
I don't know how to move forward. CookingMama iPhone
good 4 a few week a suppose CookingMama DS
Pretty awesome interactivity but gets boring afterwards. CookingMama DS
good...at first, then it got reallllly boring CookingMama DS
A little repetitive but overall it's okay. CookingMama DS
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6.7 / 10
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