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Unify all 45 castles and win the heart of Zeus’s daughter! Abandoned by gods because of their arrogance and greed, humans have lost all of their lands and castles. However, miraculously survived prince has formed a last resistance. To take back the land, and their home, the final push has begun.

Game Play


  • Enjoy the out of the book RPG!
Strengh, Intelligence, and Constitution… the choice is yours! From Orthodox Sword and Shield, Rapid Duel Swrod, and indomitable Two-handed Swordman, the choice is yours to make! Find all 27 types of weapon and 9 types of armor and enjoy what is means to ‘level-up’!
  • First in Mobile, a thrilling and breathtaking mobile 300 vs 300 castle siege!
Improve your castle by management and train & recruit your soldiers!
  • Conquer enemy’s castle and appoint Castle lords!
  • Utilize your spy and deployment of your troops to take control of battlefields!
  • Win the love of Zeus’s daughter and obtain the ultimate weapon, Zeus Blade!
In town, not only there are merchants who sell weapon, armors, accessories, and potion but also your lieges who increase loyalty of your citizens…. And there is a daughter of Zeus who gives you Zeus Blade, ultimate weapon in the game, as promise of her love. However, only the chosen one can win her true heart.

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