Welcome to Brain Squeeze.

Test your knowledge of your Grade School and High School Classes. This set of 100 questions covers all the topics. From Literature to Science. Great tool for Education and remembering what you forgot.

While not an impossible test, this one will stretch your limits.

And we Challenge you to change the program to 100 questions and answer all of them right. Take a screen shot showing 100 out of 100 and send it too us. We'll post your name on our website as an official Brain Squeezer.

So you can brag to your friends who has the bigger brain.

The Trivia game allows you to pick the number of questions per session and if you feel up to the challenge you can add a time limit to the Trivia game.

The Trivia Game also allows you to turn on the correct answer section. Thus if you miss one, the game will tell you the correct answer.

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