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One beautiful morning in the mountainous outdoors, a young satyr was playing the pandouris, when suddenly...

... Boom! Volcano!

It's time to kick off those hooves and run for your short, mythological life! But it won't be easy, as Mount Vesuvius has just erupted behind you and the labyrinthine remains of Pompeii stand before you. It's not all that bad, though, as at least while trying to save yourself you can save some cash along the way; those slow, fat, ashen-faced humans don't need them anymore! Don't forget your friends who found themselves stuck in the maze, they'll be happy to reward you for showing them the way.

And hey, when the end comes - and it will - at least you lived life to the fullest and rocked out all the while!

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Nov 07, 12 12:53pm
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