: : : : Boom Brigade


For fans of tower defense, line drawing or top down shooters we are happy to present Boom Brigade. Unique mix of three genres resulting in an enjoyable and amazingly playable experience. Control up to four troopers and show the alien scum who's the boss! Choose your weapons, buy upgrades, command your troops and survive as long as possible.

Game Play

The player controls bunch of troopers each carrying a weapon of player's choosing: a minigun, a bazooka, a shotgun, or flamer. The troopers are controlled by drawing lines on the screen and they fire their weapons automatically at the alien horde. The game starts with one or two troopers and the reinforcements will be sent in as the pace picks up. The goal is to defend a bunker against the alien horde with an appetite for humans. The longer the player survives, the higher the score. Aliens drop loot which can be used to reinforce the brigade, heal the troops, upgrade the troopers, repair the bunker, and more.


Hardware Info

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6.5 / 10