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Step right up and try your skill at winning prizes at your favorite Boardwalk/Midway attractions! SKYWORKS® presents BOARDWALK GAMES™ which combines 3 of your favorite carnival games on a scrollable nighttime boardwalk so you feel like you’re right there, in the middle of the fun. What’s more, you can win prizes at each attraction based on your score. They get stored in your Prize Booth, which is like a Trophy Room of how a well you did at the carnival.

TIKI-TOSS is the favorite ball-toss game where you knock down dolls to earn points and prizes. In our version you get unlimited balls to hit as many Tiki heads as you can before time runs out. You can even earn extra time and point bonuses by hitting the special Tiki heads that animate and taunt you to knock them down. In the game’s Progressive Mode floating and moving Tiki heads even appear to increase the challenge.

SPILL DA’ MILK is the macho classic where you try to knock down all the milk bottles with one throw. In ours you get unlimited balls to knock down as many as you can before time runs out and earn bonuses for knocking down a whole stack. The game’s Progressive Mode features six-bottles stacks and special bonus bottles.

BALLOON SAFARI is styled after the Midway attraction where players throw darts at balloons in an attempt to win hidden prizes. In this version you win prizes by earning points, which are hidden under the balloons. Special “wild” balloons also award bonuses. In the game’s Progressive Mode “matching” game play is added where the goal is to pop the balloons in matching colored pairs or better and “memory” game play where the player pops a balloon to reveal an icon and then tries to find a match for that icon under other balloons.

BOARDWALK GAMES combines amazing graphics & realistic physics with great game play to recreate the action and ambience of a night on the Boardwalk.

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