Set in distant future, Rariah Tribe from outer space wants to move to Planet Earth in exchange of their high technology. Yet, Rarian extremists rise up against our government and take over our planet.

Modern civilization is now coming to an end. Those who really ruled the world were never prepared for this. Our last hope lies within the infinite energy source called NF43.

The human alliances initiated project “Blade Z”


  1. Strategic Game Play: 3 different detailed shooting effects with adjustable sub-unit formation.
  2. Cinematic Story Line: Next generation arcade shooter game with two different unique story modes
  3. Full touch Control: Easily control your pilots via simple touch play
  4. Splendid Game Graphic and Effect: Dynamically generated battle stages, challenging boss showdowns!
  5. Infinite & Boss Raid Mode: Endless Big Boss battle scenes, hours of fun addictive game play!
  6. Full Voice: Listen your duty on the project!

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