Legions of the dark have invaded Bella’s land. Help Bella fight off the monstrous horde!

Game Play


  • Take control of Bella Boo. A zombie fairy of the Dark Wood.
Destroy the Evil. Circle the monsters with her powerful wake.
  • Tons of ENEMIES with unique powers.
Unlock new monsters the higher your score goes.
- Laser Shooting Eyeballs
- Fireball Spitting Skulls
- Lightning Witches
- Strangling Zombies
- Poisonous Killer Bees
  • Power-ups help Bella along the way!
- Increased Speed
- Time Warp
- Increased Trail
- Health Packs
  • Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty levels that become more challenging as you play
- Online leaderboards for each of the 3 difficulty levels
  • 45 Open Feint Achievements with a total 1000 Gamer Score
- Novice to Expert level goals

Bella Boo includes an innovative CheckPoint system allowing you to continue your game if you get killed.

Hardware Info

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9.0 / 10
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