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Maybe you’ve tried the imitators, but they can’t hold a candle to the only OFFICIALLY licensed Beer Pong game on the App Store, Beer Pong – BPONG 2009 Edition! Through an exclusive partnership with BPONG.COM, the official governing body of the sport of Beer Pong and hosts of the annual World Series of Beer Pong (the largest Beer Pong tournament in the world), Publisher X is proud to present Beer Pong – BPONG 2009 Edition. This game features the most realistic throwing mechanics and ball/cup physics you can find in a beer pong game. You’ve messed with the rest – now try the best!


  • The only Beer Pong game on the App store officially licensed by BPONG.COM, the official governing body of the sport
  • Take on your friends or a computer-controlled AI (with three different difficulty levels)
  • Prepare your ego as both the male and female AIs will verbally assault you with a barrage of voice-over trash talking zingers!
  • Beer Pong – BPONG 2009 edition is the only Beer Pong game to feature the OFFICIAL BPONG.COM rules, used in every single match of every single World Series of Beer Pong game
  • Outstanding graphics, featuring a life-like bar background, officially branded cups and balls, and the official BPONG.COM tables
  • Quit to the menu for a call or break without losing your game progress
  • Hot-seat multiplayer makes for the cleanest, most mess-free game of Beer Pong you’ve ever played with your friends in your life!

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