: : : : : Battle of Waterloo


It is 1815; Napoleon has escaped captivity, become Emperor of France, and has raised an enormous army of 125,000 men. With it, he plans to conquer all of Europe.

You are the youngest officer in the British Army, serving under the Duke of Wellington. You have just returned from a dangerous scouting mission near the French and Belgian border. “Sir,” you inform Wellington, “Yesterday I saw French troops invading!”

Your report of yesterday’s battle means that the British Army, together with an assortment of German, Belgian, and Dutch soldiers, will be Europe's last defense against the Emperor and his huge army.

The next day Wellington explains to you, “Your news was crucial to our battle plans. Therefore I grant you a choice of assignments.”

Where will you make your stand against Napoleon? With 27 different endings, this book has plenty of surprises in store...
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